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Shipping Resources:

*Rates for a single piece of furniture will usually be $250-$550.  Large pieces, sets, very fragile, or high value pieces will be significantly more.

All movers are independent of us, we can not set up shipping for you or be responsible for their actions but we would be happy to request quotes.  Questions regarding time-lines for deliveries, prices, insurance, claims, etc should be directed to the shipper themselves.  You may choose any mover you like, the below movers are ones that pick up on a regular basis.  You can read our "Feedback" for customer's comments about our pieces and the shippers listed.

Harp Gallery
We deliver with our own truck and driver and insurance throughout most of Wisconsin, Illinois, St Louis, and Minneapolis.  Call for more info, (866) 733-7115
Chicago- $175 for any number of pieces -Delivery 1-3 Weeks
$175 for any number of pieces - 4-6 weeks
Milwaukee- $75
for any number of pieces- Delivery 1-3 Weeks
Madison WI-Flat $150 for any number of pieces, 4-6 weeks.
Saint Louis-Flat $300 for any number of pieces 6-8 weeks.

Blanket Wrap Movers with Regular Harp Gallery Pick Ups

Rick Hill 
Picks up every 3-4 weeks!
Highly recommended!
  Our customer's love working with Rick and his team!  Delivering fine furnishings
East of the Mississippi  and to OK, AR, MO, IA, Eastern MN, Eastern KS and Eastern TX since 1984 and for customers of the Harp Gallery over 15 years.  Most single pieces deliver for $325.00, insurance, surcharges, first floor delivery with setup included!  Credit Card, Cash or Check at delivery and PayPal accepted in advance. Office 336-887-0065  Cell (336) 848-1214. (email quote requests to info@rickships.com)

Metro SmallMove Solutions
Picks up Weekly!
Since 1989 Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery provides Premier Managed E-Commerce White Glove Pad Wrap Solutions-17 major metropolitan terminal locations Nationwide.  5-15 Business Days service AFTER pick up to most major cities throughout the US.  From $250.  Rates include first $1000 of insurance and delivery to the 2nd Floor.  Call Ruby or Jina at the Metro Harp Team 844-546-5288  ext 275 or email quote requests to harp@smallmove.com  DISCOUNT FOR TERMINAL PICK UP 
Plycon Van Lines
7-14 business day service from pick up to most points with an appointment delivery.  Plycon is the Nations leading provider of White Glove, Pad Wrap Service with company owned terminals defining the Industry since 1982. Email the delivery address and Harp Gallery Item number for a quote Sandra@plyconvanlines.com 708-339-8805.
Small Crate and Freight Items:
The UPS Store
Small Pack and shipping.  Please email or call James with the Harp Gallery item number for a quote. 
upsneenah@gmail.com  Phone - (920) 729-6403

Great for small pieces of furniture without glass or marble.  Most pieces can only be insured for $300.00.  AFTER PACKING, the maximum weight per package is 100 pounds and the maximum dimensions are 30" H x 47" W x 82" L.  We pack and ship out within a week from the order.  Call Harp Gallery for a quote @ (866) 733-7115Greyhound Locations

International Shipping:
Craters and Freighters - Milwaukee
Craters & Freighters offers two decades of experience in expert packing, crating and shipping just about anything to nearly anywhere.  Quotes are Curbside Delivery, customer must be willing to receive and unpack.  White Glove Delivery Available at Request.  Email the delivery address and Harp Gallery Item number for a quote Milwaukee@cratersandfreighters.com or call 262-246-0080. 

Plycon Van Lines
Picks up Weekly!   
Email the delivery address and Harp Gallery Item number for a quote Sandra@plyconvanlines.com 708-339-8805.