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Herschede Revere Tube Chime Tall Case 1920's Grandfather Clock

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Item sold on 2015-11-30 - Shipped on 2015-12-10

Shipper: RICK HILL (336-848-1214)

Item# A-19586

This tall case clock signed "Herschede of Cincinnati" was sold by "Revere" and was probably called a "grandmother" instead of a grandfather clock because of its smaller size.

All original from the 1920's, the brass movement plays the familiar Westminster melody on tubular chimes and counts the hour.

Herschede movements were the finest American quality of their day. Cleaned and oiled, the precision mechanism keeps excellent time. The mahogany case has a deep finish that is very well preserved with minor mars and wear for antique character. Gold plated numerals are original on the filigree engraved dial. Levers control chiming and striking, the crank is also original. There is wear to the dial, brass weights and pendulum, see photos.

The case measures 18" wide, 12" deep and 74 1/2" tall.

This clock needs to be "set up" when delivered - weights and pendulum attached and the case leveled. Most of our customers can do this as we walk them through the fairly simple steps by phone. The process is not very difficult, and it is also nice to know how to do this again whenever the clock needs to be moved for cleaning, painting or whatever. A few customers prefer to hire a local clockmaker at their own expense to make a house-call and set up the clock, which is usually not very expensive, depending on your location.

See 27 photos on Harp Gallery website that enlarge to full screen size.

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