Fall & Autumn Decorating, Antique Farmhouse Style!

Instead of visiting a pumpkin patch to capture that fall feeling, why not bring it into your own home? Try taking a simple piece, such as this warm, rich farmhouse table and arrange a few fall decorations in the middle to create that rustic feel.

farmhouse dining table

But it’s not only the inside of your home that we can create that fall feeling, but the outside too! Having sat on plastic pool chairs all summer, it’s safe to say we’re all ready for something a bit more comfortable and stylish. Try adding a country farmhouse bench to your porch to bring that rustic, yet functional, charm. This vintage bench pairs beautifully with small pumpkins placed around the legs; even a friendly scarecrow propped on it would add to the charm! By taking a few choice pieces from our gallery, you can create that rustic, fall feeling in your home. 

country farmhouse bench

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